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Mobile Phone Repair


We offer you the option repairing your iPhone with OEM parts. Most shops use aftermarket parts that are not certified by Apple. We also guarantee our work and if anything goes is wrong, you are welcome for a free inspection. We repair all iPhone models and have parts available to get the job done fast.

iPhones are the most popular mobile repair for us at J&R Computers. We buy fully working phones and non operational mobile phones as well.


Android phones are the biggest competition for Apple iPhones and are our second most repaired service. We have dealt with various types of android devices.

Some of the Android mobile phones we repair include all the Samsung Galaxy models, Google Pixel Phones, HTC phones, and many others.

Unlock Mobile Phone

Cell phone providers such as At&t, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile like to lock your phones so that they cannot be used with any other carrier. This keeps you as their customer for longer and you accrue many fees by being tied in.

We have all the equipment and software needed to unlock any type of cellphone device from any of these mobile carriers. With an unlocked phone, you can free your phone and use it with any other carrier or even take it abroad (i.e Mexico, Central America, etc.).

To unlock your iPhone or Android phone, your IMEI number will be needed but all of that can be done from our local shop when you bring in your mobile phone!

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Its a bit off the path, but the owner is fair and the price is right.
Anonymous User

Owner is very friendly and gave me a fair price for a complete restore of my computer. I definitely recommend this place.

Michael N

J&R Computers do great work! They have helped us in designing business cards, company logo also online ads and website designing. They really know their stuff! Definitely recommend their work to anyone looking to get any type website design or SEO work! They are very reasonably priced and offer great service!!

Ramiro Ruiz

Additional Services

Buy and Sell Gold

Buy and Sell Gold

We pay cash for your Gold and test it in front of you for Free. You are welcome with any of these items: Broken rings • unmatched earrings • Gold Chains • Gold Bracelets • Gold Earrings • Gold Necklaces • Gold Coin • Dental Gold • Fine Jewelry • Bent/Broken Jewelry

Computer Repair

#1 Computer & Laptop Repair Shop in Reno

We cover a wide variety of Services for our Computer Repairs. Some of the most common ones are: Memory Upgrades • Virus and Malware Removal • Operating System Reinstall • Hard Drive Replacements • Video Card Failures • Password Removal. We offer FREE ESTIMATE for absolutely any problem your PC may have.

Watch Repair

Watch Repair

We have a vast selection of watch batteries and offer services of battery replacements for major brands. Depending on the age of your watch, our batteries may last up to two years. Restore your watch with us!

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About us

J&R Computers is the leader in Cell Phone  and Computer Repairs! We pride ourselves in providing the best parts for your devices whether that is a broken screen or a bad charging port. We purchase our parts from reputable sources and Guarantee our work.

In addition to Repairs, we also Buy and Sell Gold and Repair Jewelry.

We are your one stop Local Repair Shop, stop by and see why customers like us so much.